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Project Hessdalen

Collect high quality data on the Hessdalen Lights phenomenon and explain the science behind it.
Discover unknown processes and laws of nature, find new sources of energy and interact with non-human intelligences.
Project Hessdalen, established in 1983, is a partner in the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU).

UAPs, UFOs, USOs and OVNIs are now studied by:
The Hessdalen UFO Project with Prof. Erling StrandErling Strand recounts his journeyJan Moen on Lehto FilesTomas Dahl on Lehto FilesErling Strand on Lehto FilesClas Svahn on Lehto Files
As you can see - this site is still under construction.

Check out Isaiah Photo's entertaining video from Hessdalen.
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- Fred Pallesen, VP
Hessdalen is a UFO hotspot.
These mesmerizing light phenomena are undeniably real, and their presence shows no signs of fading away.
The Phenomena

Type 1

Strong, white or blue flashes.
Lasting anywhere from a fraction of a second to a few seconds

Type 2

Yellow or yellow-white ball of light.
These have different shapes. They can stand still for minutes, even hours, and they can move slowly, or fast. Can be several meters in diameter. The ground has been illuminated. Another light with another color can be attached to the main light.

Type 3

Several lights together.
It looks like the lights are connected to an object.

Type 4

Daylight objects
Drawing from a witness report.
24/7 Automatic UFO Surveillance
When the light phenomena appears, a UFO or a mysterious Energy Object, the system will automatically start recording - and you can get a notification on your mobilephone*
The Equipment

The Blue Box

With all the Equipment to capture the Phenomena.
Live camera. Alarm system. Magnetometer. Radar. Spectrum Analyzer. Two weather stations.

Live Streaming

3 x Novus NVC-GDN5801C-2
There are two cameras directed towards the southwest and one camera to the northwest.
We want to upgrade our cameras!

Goal: Triangulate and follow

a scientific endeavour
we need to get all of it - optical, radar, thermal, wide band spectrum analyzer, magnetometer, all correlated in a tracking mode configuration
A new international research initiative
"The Hessdalen phenomenon represents the most important laboratory in the world to study recurrent anomalous aerial phenomena” (UFOs!)
- Massimo Teodorani
The Research Team

Erling P. Strand  

The President of Project Hessdalen
Co-founded and led the Hessdalen project in the early 1980s. Through field investigations, monitoring systems, and data collection, he applies scientific methods and advanced equipment to study the nature and characteristics of the Hessdalen lights.

Massimo Teodorani  

Ph.D. in Astrophysics
Research Director in Project Hessdalen
An astrophysicist, specializes in atmospheric and plasma physics. His research focuses on the unique light emissions observed in Hessdalen, resulting in scientific publications and presentations at conferences.

The Team

UFO witnesses, engineers, programmers, and more.
Established in the summer of 1983, Project Hessdalen has seen the involvement of some team members since its inception. Now, a new generation of researchers, engineers, software developers, and community builders are joining the team, further strengthening the project goals.
Calling all UFO Enthusiasts:
Unite for a Collective Quest to Unravel the UFO Mysteries!
The Community


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The Action

Field Trip Weekend:
September 6-8, 2024

Observe, investigate, and experience
Workshop on how to use the UAP detection equipment in the field. Late night field work on two known UFO hotspots in the valley. Guided tours and eye-witnesses telling about their sightings of UFOs. Discussions around the campfire. And lectures by Erling Strand and Massimo Teodorani.
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