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Collect high quality data on the Hessdalen Lights phenomenon and explain the science behind it.


Discover unknown processes and laws of nature, find new sources of energy and potentially interact with unknown intelligences.
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Hessdalen is a hotspot for
unexplained arial phenomena.
Their presence shows no signs of fading away.
The Phenomena

Type 1

Strong, white or blue flashes.
Lasting anywhere from a fraction of a second to a few seconds

Type 2

Yellow or yellow-white ball of light.
These have different shapes. They can stand still for minutes, even hours, and they can move slowly, or fast. Can be several meters in diameter. The ground has been illuminated. Another light with another color can be attached to the main light.

Type 3

Several lights together.
It looks like the lights are connected to an object.

Type 4

Daylight objects
The Hessdalen Phenomenon manifests itself as much more than a light phenomenon. During field studies, 10 times more radar detections of objects were recorded, compared to visible observations. Hence these objects are frequently invisible in the optical spectrum, which adds to the mystery.

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