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Project Hessdalen - Student groups

The new Project Hessdalen startet at Østfold University College in 1993. Many students have since then been involved in the development of the automatic measurement station.

Two students have been engaged with the development, and have done a lot: Martin T. Ranang (graduated 1999) and Jens Christian Skibakk (graduated 2002).

These groups have done work on the station as part of their final thesis:

Student groups 2018
Student gruppe B18-I05 Student group B18I05
Title: Hessdalen Observatory

Participants: Christoffer Magnus Moe, Kamyar Ahmadi Darbandi and Adrian Erik Lørdahl Rasmussen

FaceBook: Hessdalen Observatory

Student gruppe BO18-G09

Student group B18G09
Title: Picture analysis

Participants: Jonas Rolstad, Henrik Kronborg and Mathias Jensen

Student gruppe BO18-G28

Student group B18G28
Title: 3D-animation of Hessdalen

Participants: Markus Yttergård Joelsen, Simon Berger and Jon Bjørnar Andersen

Student groups 2017
Student group  B17-I05 Student group B17I05
Title: Research station in Hessdalen

Participants: Anne Strebel, Kristoffer Haukland and Gina Furuli

Student group Wurzburg

Student group at the University of Würzburg
Title: Detection of the Hessdalsphenomena in video streams with OpenCV

Advisers: Prof. Hakan Kayal and Research Assistant Ana Vodopivec, at the University of Würzburg, Germany.

Participants: Lukas Beierlieb, Lukas Wolz, Jan-Philipp Heilmann. (students at the University of Würzburg)

Student group 2016
Student group  BO16-G16 Student group BO16B16
Title: Linux-based Command and Control for Off-grid Research Facility

Participants: Rune W.Rokne, Martin Todorov, Niklas Kalmar. Morten R. Linstad (was not present on the picture)

Student group 2015
Student group  BO15-G30 Student group BO15E30
Title: Hessdalrommet (in norwegian)

Participants: Martin Hafell, Richart Sponheim

Student groups 2014
Student group  B14E09 Student group B14E09
Title: Elektromagnetic VLF signals

Participant: Jostein Haugen

Student group  BO14-G15

Student group BO14-G15
Title: Weather station in Hessdalen

Participants: Mikael Johansen Grimstad, Kristian Norum Karlsen, Kristoffer Jensen, Ole Morten Lindstad.

The final product

Student group  BO14-G12

Student group BO14-G12
Title: Air traffic above Hessdalen

Participants: Peter Christopher Bach, Daniel Dohrmann Nilsen, Robin Holm.

The final product

Student group BO14-G10
Title: A travel in Hessdalen (3D animation)

Participants: Thomas S. Nielsen, Ulrick Aleksander Nygård Berg,Pål Johannessen, Kristian Moe Bratland, Kevin Wikhaug

Student group 2013
Studentgruppe H13D21 Studentgruppe H13D21
Title: Deteksjon av ukjente lysfenomener i Hessdalen

Participants: Amund Lågbu, Kristian Solvang, Dick Olausson.

Student group 2012
Studentgruppe H12D23 Student group H12D23
Title: Deteksjon av ukjente lysfenomener

Participants: Sondre Vego, Dag Ole Kristoffersen, Alex Nilsen, Denys Gorbach.

Student group 2010
Studentgruppe H10D09 Student group H10D09
Title: Automatisk målestasjon i Hessdalen

Participants: Jonas Bro, Geir Eilertsen, Magnus Skaalsveen.

Student group 2007
Studentgruppe H07D11 Student group H07D11
Title: Avstandsberegning og følging

Participants: Enrique Sanz Cuesta, Juan Alonso Sarrion Gil, Ulrik Kobro, Steinar Østby.

Student group 2004
Studentgruppe H04D04 Student group H04D04
Title: Hessdalen AMS

Participants: Bjørnar Heier Schie, Ole Andreas Weel, Jon Sindre Bakken, Mads U. Engebretsen.

Student groups 2003
Studentgruppe H03D01 Student group H03D01
Title: Hessdalen AMS

Participants: Nils-Edvard Holene, Ola Juliussen, David Ellingsen, Roar Hauger, Bjørnar Henriksen.

Studentgruppe H03D03

Student group H03D03
Title: ELFO Analysis

Participants: Lars Martin Dobbe, Christian André Bråthe, Jan Steinar Kvilesjø.

Student group 2002
Student group H02D01 Student group H02D01
Title: Hessdalen AMS

Participants: Per Øyvind Solhaug, Jens-Christian Skibakk, Andreas Tønnesen , Torgeir Solbrekke.

Student group 2001
Student group E200113 Student group E200113
Title: Radardeteksjon av atmosfæriske lysfenomen

Participants: Tommy Furuknap, Besim Klinaku.

Student group 2000
Student group  A2000-01 Student group A2000-01
Title: Hessdalen automatiske målestsjon, videreutvikling

Participants: Petter Johansen, Ronny Lie Solbakken, Anders Skaug, Simon H. Hansen.

Student groups 1999
Student group  E1999-05 Student group E1999-05
Title: Videolink

Participants: Vidar André Fagereng, Lars Petter Olsen, Ken Thomas Norén, Hege Pehrsen.

Student group  E1999-01

Student group E1999-01
Title: Preliminary study of EMBLA 2000

Participants: Cecilie Terese Langvik, Petter Norli.

Student groups 1998
Student group  A1998-01 Student group A1998-01
Title: Objektdetektering

Participants: Tommy Friberg, Øyvind Raaen, Sverre Rekvin

Øyvind Raaen var ikke tilstede da bildet ble tatt.

Student group  E1998-04

Student group E1998-04
Title: Instrumentering av automatisk målestasjon for Project Hessdalen

Participants: Christer Bræck, Frode Solvang.

Student groups 1997
  Student group A1997-05
Title: Unix-sentral i målestasjon

Participants: Geir Morten Allum, Peder A.S.Johansen, Thomas Løken.


Student group E1997-05
Title: Automatisk målestasjon

Participants: Thomas Andersen, Stig T. Skjønhaug, Geir N. Hansen, Thomas Olsen.

Student group 1996
Student group  A1996-01 Student group A1996-01
Title: Unix-sentral i en automatisk målestasjon

Participants: Eirik Østenvik. Kaja E. Eidet, Kjell Wärn, Torunn Ludvigsen, Knut Kåre Holt.

Student group 1995
Jan AbranteStudent group ved IA Halden
Title: Fra manuell til automatisk måling av Lysfenomener og profilering på Internet

Participants: Jan Abrante and Helge B. Western

Student groups 1994
Student group  E1994-05, and Erling Strand Student group E1994-05
Title: Videofølgesystem

Participants: Stian Aakeberg, Trond Gjertsen, Roger Kjærnsrød, Ketil Pettersen, Lars Solem.

To the right you see Erling Strand

Student group  E1994-04, and Erling Strand

Student group E1994-04
Title: Automatic Measurement Station

Participants: Yusuf Farah, Håvard Filtvedt, Ken Inge Hanski, Sigurd Agnalt, Mohamed Keyse, Alan S. Dolson.

To the right you see Erling Strand

Student group  E1994-01, and Erling Strand

Student group E1994-01
Title: Radiopeilesystem

Participants: Anders Fjerbæk, Finn Wollebæk, Lasse Dahl and Svein Harald Aube.

To the left you see Bjørn Gitle Hauge, and to the right Erling Strand

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