Have you seen a UFO?

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Any sighting of the light phonomenoa in Hessdalen has been reported to the Project Hessdalen team, by taking to people in the area, or by sending an email to the Erling P. Strand.
If you have seen a UFO in Hessdalen, please report it to us.
If you have seen a UFO anywhere else in Norway, please report it to NUFOS. If you have seen a UFO anywhere else in the world, report it to NUFORC or use the app from ENIGMA.
We hope to make a form for reporting UFO sightings in Hessdalen soon. But we also want to make it easy to share a sighing in real time - and let members of the community get a notification when a sighting is beeing reported - using live video feed.
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Building a UFO (Midjourney)