Images from the membership payment process:
When you click on the "Membership" button, you will be taken to the Ko-fi website.

On the page, click on the Membership button.

We need members to pay for new cameras, equipment and the internet expenses - please help us!

Why do we use ko-fi?
Ko-fi is connected to our discord server and you will be given access to the "MEMBER-AREA" the very moment the payment process is done.

Without this automation, we would have to manually add you to the discord role, and without the payment system of ko-fi, we would have to manage a manual payment system.

Now we can focus on the content of the site, the community and the research.

And of course, we like that ko-fi has 0% fees on Membership payments, 0% fees on Shop sales, and 0% fees on Donations.

But if you still prefer to pay to a bank account, please contact us on [email protected].
Step 1
Step 2
Now that you have access to the MEMBER-AREA, it would be nice if you say hi in the #lounge channel.
Also: Check your email for a thank you message from us.
Back on your ko-fi page you should see:

What is next?

Invite a friend to join the community. We need more members to make this project a success.