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Observation done by people in the year 2022
All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 26.07.2022 Time: between 12:00 am and 01:00 am Place: The UFO-camp at Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observatør: ?
The observation was seen just above the UFO camp. A white ball which sparkled, changed shape while it was moving. Become a ball again and suddenly disappeared. The tide was about 3 seconds.

Ref. Hilde Vårhus

Date: 07.03.2022 Time: 10:30 pm Place: Øyungen, Hessdalen
Observer: ?
The observer write: "The light was seen from our cottage, close to the Øyungen lake (red circle in the map). The light showed up in the Gruvdalen valley and moved towards us while it went upwards. The light disappeared suddenly where the yellow arrow stop. Just a sharpe light. No strobe as on a plane, or any red or green light. This happened in the dusk, at 10:30 pm."

Ref. Jan Moen

Date: 26.02.2022 Time: 03:42 am Place: Birgerhytta at Langengan, Hessdalen
Observer: Helge Otterå
Helge was sitting outside, on the terrace, looking towards the west. Suddenly he saw a yellow/white ball of light, moving very fast downhill. About 2 seconds later it was gone.


Ref. Helge Otterå

Date: 24.02.2022 Time: 6:35 pm Place: At the road by the community house, Hessdalen
Observers: Anonymous
We were walking at the road from Hessdalsvegen 987 (Ufo-farm) towards the north. We saw a white light which disappeared, and come back as a red light in the wood behind Rognåsvollen (a hill towards north-east). A car was passing us, so we were unsure if it could have been any reflection from the windows on the car. When we had passed the community house (on the right side of the road), I turned my head and saw a light. It shanged from white to red when it was moving between Rognsåa og Rognåasvollen og Hesja (the river). It disappeared suddenly. Just after did we see a plane moving southward just above the horizon, in direction Brattsetret/Heggsel.

Then I see a strong, clear and white ball of light, higher up in the sky above Hessdalen. It was below the clouds. The plane we saw was above the light clouds. The white ball of light stood still for 1-2 seconds before it increased to double size and changed the color to blue and disappear.

The first light, which changed from white to red and disappeared did not change in size before it disappeared

Ref. The observer

Date: Time: Place: Hessdalen
Observer: ?


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