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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2008.

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13.12.2008 The PC sending pictures is now working again. Thank to Thor Stuedahl.
27.10.2008 The PC sending pictures every second stopped, due to much on-and-off with the power supply.
13.09.2008A new WAT902 camera was set in operation, in another camerahouse, which point a little bit more to the south.
07.09.2008The camera has been repairet. It was the power supply.
05.09.2008Travel to Hessdalen to prepare Science Camp, which will run from Sept. 8 to Sept. 19
16.08.2008 The Firewall-computer is repaired. A new power supply is installed. No signal from the cameras. There has been more lightning in Hessdalen than usual this summer. New cameras must be installed.
21.06.2008 The Firewall-computer is stoppet. Probably has the powersupply been destroid.
19.06.2008 Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge come back from France.
16.06.2008 Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge goes to France, to discuss possible cooperation with a french partner.
26.05.2008 A meeting in Sarpsborg, discussing the Science Camp 2008.
22.04.2008 Erling Strand and Bjøsh Gitle Hauge have a meeting, where the analyzing of the picture from Science Camp 2007 is discussed. This is really interesting!!
16.04.2008 Thor Stuedal got up to the station today, so the PC, which send a picture every second, is running again.
10.04.2008 A meeting in Fredrikstad, discussing the Science Camp 2008.
06.02.2008 A meeting in Fredrikstad, discussing the Science Camp 2008.
18.01.2008 The power went down this morning at 09:44:51. The PC, which send a picture every second, is not coming up when the power is coming back. It is very much snow, so it is difficult to get to the station.

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