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What happened in Project Hessdalen year 2006.

Do also have a look at ongoing activities.
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11.12.2006 Erling Strand travel back to Sarpsborg.
10.12.2006 Erling Strand travel to Hessdalen for installing a new PC in Hessdalen AMS. This PC send picture every second to this web. Thanks to Audun Vaaler and Lars Strand for all help.
24.08.2006 Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge travel back to Sarpsborg.
23.09.2006 Franco and Jader from CNR-IRA travel back to Italy.
22.09.2006 ELFO is now installed to send data to PH. (Test). The Inspire receiver and the radar is preliminary set to send data to a server in Italy.
22.09.2006 The students and Sigmund Brenna travel back to Sarpsborg.
20.09.2006 Hong Wu travel back to Østfold College.
18.09.2006 15 students, Prof. Hong Wu from Østfold College and Sigmund Brenna, from pedagogical center in Fredrikstad municipality, arrives Hessdalen.
17.09.2006 Bjørn Gitle Hauge and Erling Strand arrives Hessdalen to prepare the Science Camp, which will be run for 1. class students at Technology, Innovation and Entreprenueship by Østfold College. Peder Skogaas is helping and his farm is used as a headquarter during Science Camp.
16.09.2006 Franco og Jader from CNR-IRA arrives to Peder Skogaas in Hessdalen. They shall to get their radar, and the ELFO and Inspire receivers in operation and on the net. The radar will be located at Peder Skogaas' farm. The ELFO and Inspire is located at the "Blue Box" (Hessdalen AMS).

18.06.2006 Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge travel back from Bologna.
16.06.2006 Erling Strand and Bjørn Gitle Hauge travel to Bologna for participating in "International Project Hessdalen Workshop". This workshop is organized by Italian Committee for Project Hessdalen in cooperation with CNR-IRA

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