Every month we will update this page with our plans for the next 12 months.
Every indication of time is just a guess, but we will try to be as realistic as possible.

Sky360 citizen science project

We are hoping to get one or two Sky360 cameras
- as soon as possible.
On their website, Sky360, you can read:
"We recognize that the cost of our Sky360 citizen science project must be as low as possible. Therefore, we recommend a modular system. Start with basic equipment and add more sensors later. Currently the range is US$ 1,500 - 5,000."
So we need more than 50.000 NOK to get started.
We would prefer 100.000 NOK, so we can buy two cameras.
But this is not the only equipment we need. And we need more than equipment - we need people to set up the equipment and configure everything - make sure it sends data to our database. We need people to analyze the data. We need a lot! And we need money to pay for all this. And all the money we get, we will spend on equipment and software solutions.
Sky360 camera