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Pictures from the raising of the new mast at Hessdalen AMS

We, Bjørn-Gitle Hauge, datastudent Jens Christian Skibakk and myself, Erling Strand, travelled to Hessdalen for installing the two-camera system, and a radar. We travelled from Sarpsborg, tuesday 12.June 2001, in the afternoon. 8 hours later, we arrived Bjørgåsen fjellstue. The work started on wednesday, and lasted until sunday afternoon, the 17.june. We did finish the mechanical work, but not the technical work. This will be finished later this summer.

The mast hast arrived Hessdalen
Wednesday morning, and just arrived to Hessdalen. The mast is still present on top of Bjørn-Gitle Hauges car, after 550 km drive. Now we must carry it (and much more) up to the station.
Graving for fundamentet til masta
The first thing to do was to find a location, and to dig a hole for the mast. Bjørn-Gitle Hauge is in action. It is wednesday.
Muring av fundamentet til masta
Now is the digging finished, and the plate for the mast is build. It is wednesday evening.
Bjørn-Gitle Hauge is mounting the cameras
While we are waiting for the fundament to be ready, we do installation of equipmet in the upper part of the mast.
Bjørn-Gitle Hauge install the cameras in the mast
Bjørn-Gitle Hauge is installing the cameras.
The camera without cover
Two of the cameras without a cover.
Just before
Just before the mast is raised. We got help from several people. Thank you all. - From the left you see: Thor Stuedal (behind the mast), Trond Kanstad (in front of the mast), Bjarne Lillevold (behind one of the cameras), myself and Jan Moen to the right.
Just before
Just before we raise it. We are mounting cables and putting the two parts of the mast together. You see Jens Christian Skibakk in the back, me to the left (in a red shirt), Thor Stuedal and Bjarne Lillevold (in a blue jacket) to the right.
At last, - now its up
At last, - its up. It is now saturday night, at 11:00 P.M.
Erling Strand (to the right) and Jens Christian Skibakk at the mast
Sunday morning, me (to the right) and Jens Christian Skibakk to the left. Now is the time for installing the system inside. (When we had to leave today, with 8 hours drive, we were not finished.)
Bjørn-Gitle Hauge at the mast
Bjørn-Gitle Hauge at the mast.
All of us
Here are we all, sunday morning in front of the mast. Bjørn-Gitle Hauge to the left, Erling Strand (me) in the middle and Jens Christian Skibakk to the right.

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