The 7th Biennial European SSE Meeting

August 17-19, 2007 -   Røros, Norway

List of the authors

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Erling P.

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Paul Devereux Email address: Paul Devereux is an independent researcher, writer, photographer, broadcaster and painter. Has special interest in archaeology, anthropology, consciousness studies (including psi phenomena), and geophysical anomalies. Writes both popular and peer-review material. Is a founding co-editor of the new peer-review journal, 'Time & Mind -- The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture' ( Has an affiliation with the Royal College of Art, London.
Auguste Meessen Professor Emiritus
Institute of Physics
U.C.L. Louvain-la-Neuve

Auguste Meessen is a physicist and professor emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. He was teaching quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, solid-state physics and other matters. He developed a theory of "space-time quantization", based on the concept a quantum of length that is a universal constant like c and h. This generalization of relativity and quantum mechanics solves basic paradoxes and accounts for all elementary particles, as an alternative to string theory. Auguste Meessen did also investigate and continues to study physical puzzles like ball lightning, EM cancer detection and non-linear effects in brain-waves and memory processes. Since 1972, he investigated scientific aspects of the UFO phenomenon, and he was actively involved in the study of the Belgian UFO flap (1989-93). His model of UFO propulsion is based on observed facts and new applications of known physical laws.
Dave Akers P.O. Box 11517
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-1157 USA

Anomalous Luminous Phenomena research
– Forty-one years experience; including projects with Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), J. Allen Hynek, Marsha Adams, and Erling Strand. Major body of research has been conducted on or near the Yakama Indian Reservation, in central Washington state (USA), since 1972.

- Vocational/technical college and university courses. Subjects taught range from basic electronics and math to upper-level microprocessor hardware and software classes. Served as Electronics Department Chairman for a private technical college. Consultant on vocational curriculum development.

Product development engineer
- (concept to production) in the fields of photographic processing machinery, thermal and impact printers, analog and digital TV, radio communication equipment, telecommunication and data communication equipment, broadcast automation, and industrial controls.

Consultant to government agencies
– projects including voice and data telecommunications, forensic investigations, emergency radio systems, Television relay systems, and remote sensing applications.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Electronics), from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington (USA).
Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Cinema/TV), from Washington State University, Pullman, Washington.
Associate in Arts (German and Physical Science), from Mount San Antonio College, Walnut, California (USA).

Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical), State of Washington.
FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License.
FCC General Class Amateur Radio License.

Executive Director - Willard J. Vogel Study Nonprofit Scientific Research Corp.
Owner - Polyarts Company Consulting Engineering Services


Erling Strand Assistent Professor at
Østfold University College, Faculty of Computer Sciences
Project Manager of Project Hessdalen
Mob.: +47-92268256

Received his MScEE from the University of Trondheim 1981. Worked as a researcher at Alcatel STK from 1981 to 1985. The main topic was fiberoptic communication. Worked as a developing manager of hardware, at a small computer manufacturer, EDAS Målesystemer in Eidsvoll, between 1985 to 1988. Since 1998: work as a assistent professor at the Faculty of Computer Sciences at Østfold University College.

Has always been interested in the unknown, much due to own experiences. Was the "research manager" from 1978, and later a member of the board of directors at UFO-Norge, until 2002. Was one of the founders of Project Hessdalen in 1983, and are now the project manager. Participated in more than 60 TV-programs and more than 90 radio programs around the world. More than 110 presentations of the results of Project Hessdalen.


Bjørn-Gitle Hauge Assistent Professor at
Østfold University College, Faculty of Engineering
Navy Officer 1979-1982. Received his MScEE from the University of Trondheim 1988 Senior Engineer at Norwegian Army Signal Core between 1988 to 1990. Technical manager at Norkabel in Østfold between 1990 - 1993. Assistent Professor at
Østfold University College since 1993. Main topic Radio communication. Member of the Project Hessdalen team since 1994. Project manager of Science Camp in Hessdalen since 2002. Project manager of Project Embla, started 1998. Project manager of Østfold Science Center


Stein Johansen Professor, Institute for Basic Research (US), Division of Physics
Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Social Anthropology

E-mail: steinej@SVT.NTNU.NO

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Massimo Silvestri (1), (3),
Giorgio Abraini (2),
Renzo Cabassi (3),
Nico Conti (3)
1) SOSO director
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos Apartado de Correos 12140,
46080 Valencia, Spain

Telephone: 00-34-96-361-31-08 (home)
E-mail address:
Web site:

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Ole Jonny Brænne Been working with computer tech support and monitoring since 1996, and database administrator at Ementor 2003-5, and at Ergogroup ( in Oslo since 2006 (DBA, SQL2005 MCTS).
Member of board of directors, UFO-Norge, since 1989.


Antonella Vannini Sintropia

I first approached the topics of retrocausality and syntropy in 2003, when they became the subjects of my first thesis in psychology, published in 2005 in the journal NeuroQuantology ( with the title "Entropy and Syntropy: from mechanical to life science". I then continued working on this topic in my thesis for the master in cognitive psychology; this thesis is available at with the title "Entropy and Syntropy: causality and retrocausality in psychology".
I am now developing this topic as a PhD student at Università la Sapienza of Rome, with the title "Quantum models of consciousness".


Ulisse Di Corpo Sintropia

I have a degree in psychology and a master in statistics and sociology. I have worked with the faculty of statistics, University of Rome "La Sapienza", and now I mainly work as a consultant for public, national and international, organizations.

Since 1977 I am interested in retrocausality and syntropy, and these subjects have been the topics of my thesis in psychology and statistics.


Parente Patricio


Patricio Parente is Anthropologist at the Buenos Aires University (UBA), nowadays he has got a Doctoral Scholarship of the National Council of Scientific and Technologies Research (CONICET) in Argentina becasue of Doctoral Project presented: "Strategies of legitimization in UFO narratives: belief, social identities and making of knowledge in discursive practices of the cuyana and pampeana regions”. Patricio is a member of the Program of Training in the Process of Folklore Investigation (EPIF), developed in the Folklore Department (UBA), and is a Profesor of "Epistemología and Methodology of the Social Sciences ", belonging to the career of anthropology. Besides, he is an investigator of the Project "Folklore Narrators and urban narrators: from the social practice to the professionalization ", supported by the National Fund of the Arts in Argentina.

He has worked as a Technician of field work of the SKA-Argentine Committee, and has written the inform: "Study of the social impact of SKA's possible installation in Calingasta's Valley", for the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the Space (IAFE). Interested in earthlights and OVNI reports, he has done a intense field work in different sites of Argentina, analizing it from a theoric framework that includes narrative, folklore, scientific and epistemological aspects. He has written a Licenciatura Thesis to graduate title “Experience and legitimacy in UFO narratives: popular and scientifc folklore in Calingasta Valley”. He has published academic papers and participed in Scientific Meetings and radio programs.


Antonio Giuditta Professor of General Physiology
University of Naples Federico II


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Stefano Siccardi E-mail:

I have a background in Math, and my job is software programming as a freelance. I have been studying parapsychology as a personal interest since the late eighties. The first area in which I have been involved was the study of psychics (including mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, etc.), their methods/belief system and their relationship with people who seek their advice. That work was completely informal. I am presently a member of a small informal group of independent researchers in Milan; our current research areas are the study of OBEs and their physiological impact, and the study of psychics using formal protocols. My work in parapsychology is described at: (but note that the website is in Italian).


Michal Teplan Institute of Measurement Science,
Slovak Academy of Sciences,

I graduated from theoretical and mathematical physics in 1998, Comenius University, Bratislava. Disappointment from scientific knowledge led me to leave urban civilization - I spent 2 years in mountain solitude ( Recently I earned PhD. degree in bionics and biomechanics, with thesis on Audio-visual stimulation and relaxation, linear and nonlinear EEG measures ( Currently building interdisciplinary team focused on frontier and anomal research in biomedical area (e.g. acupuncture).


Emilios Bouratinos Petaloudas 2
145 78 Ekali

Phone: +30 210 8131200 or +30 210 6229259.


Emilios Bouratinos is a philosopher of science. He studied law in Athens and philosophy in Innsbruck, Austria. However, disenchanted with 20th century analytical and positivistic philosophy, he turned early on to the thoughtful writings of the great physicists of our era. He discovered there that, in one way or another, most of these physicists considered a deep understanding of the mind indispensable for advancing further in the study of physical reality.

Thus, since 1972, Bouratinos has been devoted to the study of consciousness from a footing that is equally inter-disciplinary, epistemological and meta-scientific. Today he advocates the creation of a new science that, starting from the great breakthroughs of 20th century physics, will undertake to enter the profound conceptual implications of these breakthroughs into all major research activities and public policy decisions. He wants our civilisation to do nothing less than to start reflecting seriously on itself -- and beyond itself.

Bouratinos is fully aware of how difficult this will be. At the same time, he realises that without an ability to self-reflect and to translate this self-reflection into concrete action, our civilisation may not find the necessary guidance to survive.

Wolfgang Helfrich Professor Emiritus
Fachbereich Physik,
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimalle 14
14195 Berlin


Wolfgang Helfrich got a PhD in physics in 1961 from the Technical University of Munich. He worked at the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa, RCA Laboratories in Princeton NJ, and Hoffmann-La Roche & Co. in Basel, Switzerland, each time for about three years. Since 1973 he is a physics professor of the Freie Universitaet Berlin, having retired in 1997. His experimental and theoretical research concerned space-charge-limited currents and recombination radiation in organic crystals, liquid crystals with emphasis on electro-optical effects, and fluid membranes as models for biological membranes.
Bob Jahn Professor Emiritus
Princeton University


Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Emeritus, Princeton University Director, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR); Chairman of the Board of Trustees, International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL); Vice President, Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), and Chairman of the Publications Committee; publications, memberships, honors and awards posted on websites,,, and


Brenda Dunne E-mail: Manager, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory; President and Treasurer, International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL); Education Officer, Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE)


Richard A. Blasband Center for Functional Research

I am a psychiatrist trained in the therapeutic work developed by Wilhelm Reich and a practicing psychiatric orgone therapist for ove 40 years. I have also done much research in orgone biophysics and published over sixty papers and reviews on the subject. I am a member of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories and have conducted original published research on the effects of emotions on ordering random event generators. Further, I have been trained in "healing by intention" by the Academician, master healer, and theoretical physicist, Nicolai Levashov.
Erlendur Haraldsson Professor Emiritus
Faculty of Social Science
University of Iceland

Erlendur Haraldsson Ph. D. is professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Iceland and an active researcher on paranormal phenomena with numerous publications in scientific journals. He is author of five books that have appeared in many languages, among them “Miracles are my visiting cards” and “At the Hour of Death” a study of deathbed-visions that he wrote with Karlis Osis. More on his webpage:
Jens Tellefsen Associate Professor Emiritus
Department of Physics II
Jens A Tellefsen, Jr, was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. He lives with his wife in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1970. Educated partly in Norway, partly in USA, he graduated from Princeton University in 1962 in electrical engineering. After that, he went to Stanford University for his PhD degree in the same field. He has taught engineering physics at KTH, specializing in lasers, optronics and photonics.
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Yolene Thomas Dr.
Directeur de recherche CNRS
Institut Andre Lwoff IFR89
7, rue Guy Moquet-BP8
94801 Villejuif Cedex, France

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Marsha Adams    
Matti Pitkänen  
Roger Taylor Dr Roger Taylor made a research career in fundamental immunology before becoming disillusioned with mainstream biology and medicine. Since then he has worked with an independent research group on biophoton output of the human body, and reproduction of Wilhelm Reich's orgone temperature effect. Also worked with Konstantin Korotkov's quantitative Kirlian equipment, mainly to demonstrate the effects of various therapies - including ormus. Recently developed an ability to dowse quantitatively for orgone, or life-energy, as produced by "orgonite": a composite of metal particles in artificial resin. A similar dowsable energy can be transferred by proximity to orgonite to some materials, such as water, and is to be found in several preparations of ormus. Further data on this research will be shared at the conference with those interested.
Alexander V. Trofimov leader of laboratory of helioclimatopathology of Scientific center of clinical and experimental medicine of SB RAMS,
General director of ISRICA (International SRI of cosmic anthropoecoloy)
Novosibirsk, Russia
Dimitri Olenice Planetariul Suceava
Str. Universitatii nr.13A
SUCEAVA Cod. 720 229

tel . 0230 221840
mobile 0743163492


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