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Observation 06 March 2011

Bjørn Lillevold was out bicycling with his two sons, Wednesday 6.April. When they were at the company Protex, which are located by the road from Ålen centrum and up to the skicenter, they saw an oblong light in the direction towards mount Rognefjell. The time was 06:15 P.M. (+-5min). The light moved slowly from mount Rognefjell, north-east against the area where you find mount Storsvenuken and the lake Rensjøen, which are located north-east of Ålen village.

The light phenomenon was very oblong and moved slowly. The time from when they started to see it, to when it disappeared suddenly above mount Storsvenuken, was about 30 to 40 seconds.

About 10 minutes later, a plane was seen in the same direction, towards mount Rogne. This plane moved towards south-south-east, towards Graftås, and Killingdal. The sound of this plane could be heared, and a vapor trail could be seen. The phenomena had no sound or vapor trail.

About 3 to 5 minutes after this plane was gone, a new phenomenon showed up. It moved in the same way as the first one. This time the light seemed to have a red part in it. Bjørn took a picture of it with his mobile. This picture is taken at 6.28 P.M.

Observation 6 april 2011
The original picture.
Observation 6 april 2011
A blow-up of the phenomenon.
Map of the observation 6 april 2011
The moving direction. The observers were located at X

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